6 Temmuz 2013 Cumartesi

Dead Man Walking

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(Posta Newspaper, 5 July 2013)
Drowned in Malatya, found in Istanbul

Mens clothes and a cellphone were found the day
before yesterday on the shore of Karakaya Dam
Lake in Battalgazi, Malatya. Police determined that
the phone belonged to Mustafa Akar (42), about whom
a missing persons report was filed on Sunday.

Thinking that Akar had drowned while swimming
in the lake, search efforts were conducted there but
no traces of Akar were found. Police then checked
MOBESE and security camera video records and
determined that Akar was alive and had gone to

Akar was found in the home of a relative in Fatih,
Istanbul. It is alleged that Akar is deeply in debt
and was trying to convince his creditors that he had


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