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Salih's Divorce Limbo

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 July 2013)
Salih and his wife (?) Sengul.

Sahih Elik (39) works as an auto repairman in the Yenisahra
section of Kadıköy, Istanbul, and 6 years ago he filed a divorce
suit against his wife Yeter Elik, the mother of his three children.
A notice was sent to Yeter Elik to appear at the hearing but she
did not come to any of the hearings. So the court ruled that the
couple was divorced. The decision was confirmed on 11 December
2007 and conveyed to the Kartal Population Bureau. One year
later Salih Elik married Şengül Elik and they have two children.

Yeter Elik claimed that she had not received the hearing notices
so she filed suit in Kartal Family Court to have the divorce voided.
The court then voided the divorce and ordered Salih Elik to pay
alimony and child support to Yeter Elik. However, when the
court's decision about Salih Elik's continuing marriage with Yeter
Elik was sent to the Kartal Population Bureau it could not be
processed because of Salih Elik's marriage to Şengül Elik.

So while it remained unclear to whom Salih Elik was officially
married, Yeter Elik filed for divorce on 13 January 2013 in
the Family Court at the Anadolu Justice Palace. And even though
Salih Elik says that "someone who is not my wife can't file for
divorce", the suit has begun to be heard. Additionally, Yeter Elik
claimed that Salih Elik has not been paying alimony and he has
been hit with a three-month jail sentence. Salih Elik has objected
to the ruling.

About the divorce comedy which the Population Bureau cannot
even solve, Salih Elik says "these things happened to me because
of my first wife's obstinacy and improper research. I've been
roaming around the courts and population bureaus for six years.
I'm like the character in the novel  'Yasar Ne Yasar Ne Yasamaz'
(Yasar Can Neither Live Nor Die). Mine is 'Salih Can't Divorce and
Can't Be Divorced'".

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