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Forest Survival Skills Test

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 19 July 2013)
Happy couple sorts it all out.

S.O. (29), who lives in Istanbul, came to Bodrum four
days ago for a vacation with her boyfriend M.S. (31).
Toward morning on Wednesday the couple headed for
Torba by motorcycle but they argued en route and M.S.
made S.O. get off the motorcycle in a wooded area near
Kizilagac village.

M.S. then sped off.  S.O. walked in the darkness for a
while and then began to scream. Villagers heard the screams
and called the Gendarmerie, who arrived to take S.O. to
Bodrum State Hospital. A bit later, M.S. came to the hospital
and said that "I left my girlfriend in the forest but I kept an
eye on her from afar. Every time we argue she starts screaming
and making a scene so I took her there and left her so she wouldn't
scream. I was going to go back and get her after a while."

S.O. stated that similar incidents have occurred in the past, noting
that "one time in Istanbul he took me to a cemetery in the middle
of the night and left me there."  But despite the fact that M.S. confirmed
this, S.O. then changed her statement and said that she had lied
about M.S. leaving her in the forest in order to get revenge on her
boyfriend.  Wistfully, S.O. remarked "I didn't realize the media would
pick this up. I regret it."

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