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No Prescription? No Problem

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 July 2013)
Hmmm, where's Turkey anyway...

A final thesis produced by two students
in the Ankara Hacettepe University Sports
Knowledge and Technology Graduate
School has resulted in a remarkable
conclusion, especially in light of the doping
scandals that have rocked Turkish sports lately.

The two students were able to obtain the medicine
EPO, which is considered a doping agent and not
sold without a prescription, from 127 of the 150
pharmacies they went to, without any prescription.

Student Kevser Ciftci decided to do her thesis on
this topic when news broke last year that prior to
the London Olympics Alex Schwazer of the Italian
team, who was identified as a doper, had obtained
EPO in Antalya.

Ciftci explained her findings as follows: "we went
to 150 pharmacies in Cankaya, Yenimahalle and
Kecioren (all in Ankara) and said we wanted to buy
EPO. Without asking for a prescription, 127 pharmacies
said they could provide us with EPO. Some of the
pharmacies asked us whether we were athletes, indicating
to us that they knew this medicine is used in sports.
Normally EPO is used to treat kidney and anemia and
can have serious side effects."

Kevser's dopey thesis.

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