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Mystery Man, One Bad Dude, Exits

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 18 July 2013)
Oh, the great things he might have done...

The person who died in a car-motorcycle accident on
Sunday in Kursunlu district of Cankiri province, and on
whose person was found a MIT (Turkish National Intelligence
Organization) ID card and a Kalishnikov rifle, has been
identified as Yusuf Say (32), who was wanted for various crimes.

There was no mention, however, in the statement from the
governor's office about the 80,000 Euro that was said to also
be in Say's possession. Cankiri Governor Vahdettin Ozcan said
that the dead motorcyclist in the mysterious accident had no
connection to  MIT and was actually being sought for crimes ranging
from murder  to theft:

"At first, it was determined that the victim in the accident that
occurred on 14 July 2013 at around 0938 hours was a citizen named
Ali Ince, who was, in fact, carrying a false license and a false security
forces ID card in that name.  From the bag that was found on the victim's
motorcycle the following items were recovered: Kalishnikov weapon,
cartridge clip, one CZ 75 B revolver, two cartridge clips and 26 bullets,
one knife and 3,520 TL. As a result of a fingerprint test conducted on
the accident victim, his real identity was determined to be Yusuf Say,
born in Sakarya province in 1982."

"Our security directorate conducted a GBT investigation of this individual
and learned that he was wanted for murder, falsifying documents, robbery,
production of narcotics substances, purchase of unlicensed weapons and
ammunition and their transport and possession."

There was a tattoo on Yusuf Say's arm that reads 'Apsuva', indicating that
he may have been of Chechen origin.

//ed. note: 'Apsuva' is the name that people of Abkhazia, a disputed territory
in Georgia, call themselves.//
Cankiri, accident scene.
Abkhazia on left.

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