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9 Years for Stealing Salami; But Mercy Prevails

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 November 2013)

Hunger Games participant B.A.

In Adana, B.A. (17) allegedly stole cheese, salami and
drinks from the café he worked in. A nine-year
sentence was requested by the prosecutor during
B.A.'s trial. In his own defense, B.A. said he was driven to
the crime because "I was hungry. So I ate."

The day before yesterday B.A. appeared before the judge for
the last time and still did not confess his guilt.  B.A., who is
being tried without incarceration, explained that "I worked at
Hasan T.'s place for three months and then left. The day of the
incident I ran away from home. I was cold so I went into my
old work place through an open window. I ate a slice of cheese
and I drank some fruit juice."

The judge decided not to penalize B.A. for theft  because he was
simply trying to relieve his hunger when he entered the store.
However, the judge did hand B.A. a sentence of 6 months 20 days
for "violating the privacy of a work place."  In any event, the
sentence was left in abeyance.


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