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Lockout: Principals Stand on Principle

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 November 2013)

Principals' "No Man's Land"

In the Gazipasa neighborhood of Trabzon, a locked gate
in the garden between the Social Studies High School and
the 88th Year Cumhuriyet Anatolia High School has brought
the two principals to loggerheads.

Last Friday, Anatolian High School workers closed and locked
the gate as they left for the weekend. But Social Studies High
School workers, who come in on the weekend for classes, found
the keys in their hands did not open the locked gate and they so
informed principal Zekeriya Abanozolgu. Allegedly, Abanozoglu
told his workers to "break the lock and go in." The workers did
so and changed the lock, as well.

On Monday morning, Anatolia High School workers couldn't open
the new lock. Upon learning that the lock had been changed, principal
Hasan Suicmez filed a complaint with the police. Arriving at the
scene, police told the two sides to find an amenable solution but the
two principals resisted and filed competing complaints against each

Abanozoglu said in his statement that "the gate is for both of us.We
come in on the weekend but this time we couldn't get in because the
key we had didn't work. Apparently, the lock had been changed and
they didn't give us the key so I had my workers break the lock and
put a new one on."

As for Hasan Suicmez, he stated that he wouldn't comment on the
incident because of legal considerations. Trabzon Education Chief
Tamer Kirbac explained that "we're working out a new arrangement
for our two schools. There's no need to make a big deal out of it. We'll
work it out."

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