11 Kasım 2013 Pazartesi

Villages Look So Peaceful From Afar But...

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 11 November 2013)

Villagers get a bit out of hand...

A battle erupted in the center of Karliova district, Bingol
province, between residents of  Kargapazari and Yoncalik
villages because of a pasture land dispute.  The pasture in
dispute lies between the two villages, which are located 10
kilometers from Karliova.

The matter is now in court and an expert has been appointed
to determine which village has the right to the pasture. The
day before yesterday village residents clashed in Karliova
while awaiting the court's decision, attacking each other with
rocks and bats and turning the district into a war zone.

When police could not stem the fighting, Gendarmerie troops
were called in to lend support. However, the Gendarmerie
failed as well and special forces troops were summoned. This
augmentation, too, was insufficient to stop the fighting despite
the troops firing into the air repeatedly. Ultimately, a special
anti-riot team came from Bingol.

Three villagers from each side were injured in the clash, and
a policeman was wounded in the arm and legs by rocks. All
were taken to Karliova State Hospital for treatment. Leaders
from both sides have begun talks to end the enmity between
the villages, which are now both subject to entry and exit

War zone in NE Bingol province.

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