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Light at Tunnel's End - Cops' Smiling Teeth

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 November 2013)

Tunnel project succeeds, fails.

Ali T. and Mehmet Y. got word that there was gold
in the historic Polita church in Camoba village of
Trabzon province, so they decided to dig a tunnel into
the shut-up church. The treasure-hunters began work
three months ago and even put in a rail system to move
the dirt out from the tunnel. They also installed an air
conditioning jet, along with illegal electricity.

The Gendarmerie, however, learned from a tip about
the project and went into action. As the treasure-hunters
were finishing their tunnel the night before last the
Gendarmerie soldiers were waiting for them inside the
church. Ali T. had a heart attack upon seeing the welcoming
committee. Mehmet Y. was taken into custody.

The suspects had built their tunnel next to a waterfall in order
to reach the church. The Gendarmerie seized the materials
used for the 50 meter-long, 2 feet-wide tunnel. Ali T. had
this to say about the incident: "I have debts to the bank. A
friend told me that there was gold in the church so we decided
to dig the tunnel. I regret it now."

Ali T.'s treatment at the hospital continues and both suspects
are free pending trial. But they were fined 6,000 TL for using
electricity illegally.


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