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Self-inflicted House Arrest

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 10 November 2013)

Hanim Kavaklioglu on the inside looking out.

The Kavaklioglu family lives in their house on Kosova
Street in the Abdurrahmangazi neighborhood of Sultanbeyli,
Istanbul. The family has locked themselves in the house because
they claim that someone tried to take possession of the house
under false pretenses. Members of the family have repeatedly
resisted court officials and police who have come to evict them.

The gang members who allegedly tried to hoodwink the
Kavaklioglu family were taken into custody during a raid in
September. But while the family was happy to hear this, Hanim
Kavaklioglu has continued her resistance campaign, now for 203
days. She asserts that she will continue her protest until the
gang members are brought to justice.

Hanim Kavaklioglu stated that "the gang has been captured but
I haven't finished my protest. I'll continue until there is an indictment.
I want to know their names and how they cooked up this scheme. For
nine years I've been fighting them. What I have done may be illegal
but let the authorities look into the reasons why it has come to this.
Because the state didn't protect me I've had to defend myself and
my children's rights."

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