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Crime Doesn't Pay, This Time Anyway

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(Sabah Newspaper, 25 November 2013)

Do the crime, do the time - eternity.

In Izmir, a mugger who stole a young woman's bag
after threatening her with a broken beer bottle in the
elevator of an overpass, died when he was hit by a
car as he fled across a street. When police answered
a call on the mugger's cellphone the incident was revealed.

The night before last, Ayse Aslan (21) wanted to descend
from the overpass on Anadolu Boulevard in Bayrakli in an
elevator. Construction worker Ali Ihsan Serin, married and
the father of one child, followed Aslan into the elevator.
Serin pressed the broken beer bottle against Aslan's neck but
she resisted. When the elevator stopped on the ground Serin
was able to pull away Aslan's pocket book, containing 1,000 TL
and her cellphone.

As Serin fled toward Altinyol he was hit by a car headed toward
Karsiyaka, driven by Halit Kivanc (26), and seriously wounded.
Serin could not be saved at the hospital but police there answered
his ringing telephone. The caller was Ali Aslan, who explained to
police that the phone belonged to his daughter, a mugging victim.

When it was realized that the accident victim was mugger Serin,
Ayse Aslan  and her father went to the Bayrakli police station, where
Ayse said that "the attacker took my bag. Since there wasn't anyone
around I went home and told my father."

Bayrakli is in Karsiyaka district of Izmir city.

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