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One Heck of a Wedding!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 November 2013)

'Hamo Aga'

Mehmet Arslan (67), known by the moniker 'Hamo Aga',
lives in Isiklar village of Bismil district in Diyarbakir province.
Arslan has four wives, 56 children and 300 grandchildren. He
recently held a wedding for one of his grandchildren, Omer
Arslan, inviting 5,000 guests.

Arslan has a spread of about 1,000 acres in Silvan and Bismil
districts. Because of his many wives and children, for a time
Arslan was a news item in European countries. His nephew's
marriage to Nezahat Kahraman was held in the Isiklar village
square. The father of the groom is Arslan's son Tahsin Arslan,
who was an AKP candidate for parliament in the last election.

About 100 animals were slaughtered for the wedding feast and
about a half ton of rice was used for the meal, as well. As soon
as the wedding began automatic weapons and revolvers were
fired off in celebration. 'Hamo Aga' implored the guests not to
shoot their weapons,  saying "please don't shoot. We don't want
there to be a tragedy."

Nevertheless, although the gunshots quieted for a time, they
were soon heard again. The wedding was held in a 3,000 square
meter open area with lots of Kurdish music and dancing. All
throughout the wedding, dollars rained down on the happy couple.

Bismil district is east of Diyarbakir city.

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