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Fate Plays a Very Cruel Name Game

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 November 2013)

Hilal Bacaksizoglu
In Kadıköy, Istanbul, architect Hilal Bacaksızoğlu was tryıng to
board a double-decker bus as it was leaving the bus stop but she
fell under the bus. After the incident Bacaksızoğlu's mangled leg
had to be amputated at the hospital from the knee down.

Bacaksızoğlu, who is a council member of the Architects Hearth
Izmir bureau, ran after the double-decker bus that operates on the
Alt Kaynarca-Pendik-Kadıköy route, as it began to pull away. The
bus hit Bacaksızoğlu, she fell to the ground and under the bus's front
wheel. Her left leg was amputated at the hospital.

Bacaksızoğlu stated that "the driver changed direction and I fell under."
She has filed a complaint about Ayaz (evidently the bus driver.)

//ed. note: 'bacak' means 'leg' in Turkish. 'bacaksiz' means 'without
leg'. 'bacaksizoglu' means 'son of legless one'. See blog item of 11
August 2013 for a similar name twist of cruel fate.//

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