16 Kasım 2013 Cumartesi

Serial Temptress Dupes Smitten Admirer

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 15 November 2013)

Love at first sight (just one-way, though)

In Izmir, Huseyin Civga (49), who is divorced from his first
wife, met A.T. (33) through a matchmaker and fell in love with
her. The couple decided to marry but A.T. insisted that Civga
hire a nurse to look after her bedridden father, asking for 10,000 TL,
in this regard.

Civga agreed  and gave A.T. the money.  His family members
celebrated the wedding announcement, taking pictures and dancing
the night away. A few days later the family went to the Kemeralti
Market and bought gold for the bride-to-be. Afterwards, everyone
went to a restaurant, where A.T. excused herself and went to the
ladies room.  She and the gold haven't been seen since.

The family realized that they had been duped and filed a complaint
against A.T. In turns out that A.T. is already married and has been
charged previously for the same crime.

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