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Frog Robbers Will Be Toad!

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 November 2013)

Escaped the dinner table.

In Fethiye, Mugla province, 5 people who illegally collected
frogs, a protected species, in order to sell them to restaurants
have been caught red-handed. A fine of 169,000 TL (85,000 USD)
has been assessed against the renegade hunters. In Turkey, other
than in hotels that cater to tourists, there is no interest in eating
frogs. In Europe, however, frogs are considered a gourmet item
and so they have become a target for hunters.

Local people have been saying that "at night some people come to
the lake and hunt with flashlights."  Based on a tip, teams from the
Nature Preservation and National Parks IV Regional Directorate
and the Gendarmerie nabbed the hunters in the act at Fethiye's
Girdev Lake. Eleven frogs were rescued from the hunters and
returned to the water.

According to the Environment Law, each offender was hit with a
fine of 33,863 TL, making the total for the five thieves 169,315 TL.
Directorate chief Rahmi Bayrak said in a statement that "our
supervision is continuing. Our biologic varieties cannont be measured
with money. We expect our citizens to act in good conscience."

Fethiye is in SE Mugla province.

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