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Overexposure in Kayseri, Istanbul

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 November 2013)

Celebrity, in the negative sense.

A foreign worker who came to Kayseri in hopes of
finding work said that he was hoodwinked. For revenge,
the worker has posted pictures on walls of F.M., whom he claims
defrauded him, that describe F.M. as "an impostor, a swindler".

The hundreds of posters the foreign worker has had printed
have exposed F.M.  In addition to F.M.'s photo, the posters
carry this message: "Attention all firms! He swindles illegal
workers out of their money. Do not trust him. Impostor! Swindler!"
The posters have been plastered on walls all around Kayseri on
bank walls, utility poles and store signs, attracting the attention
of citizens.

Such complaints about F.M. have surfaced before but each time
he gives a statement to police and is set free.


 Istanbul links to original article

(Sabah Newspaper, 2 November 2013)

uh, I think we're on TV.

In Kagithane, Istanbul, an interesting image has come out
of thieves robbing an apartment there. The young robbers
look at the camera, grab some jewelry and flee in panic. The
apartment's owner, Husniye D. took the video images to the

Four months later one of the captured thieves, Masum Y.,
confessed to the crime and was sent to jail. The prosecutor
has opened a case against Masum Y., asking for a sentence
of up to ten years.

//ed. note: ironically, 'masum' means 'innocent'.//

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