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Bribe-giver Gets Interest on Failed Bribe

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(Sabah Newspaper, 15 November 2013)

Has an interest in bribery.

A bus company that wanted to run its vehicles on the
Siirt-Batman highway had its proposal rejected by the
Siirt Governor's office because there were already enough
buses on the route.  Undaunted, the company got in touch
with Deputy Governor E.K. through the owner of
a textile firm in Siirt, and gave E.K. a 35,000 TL bribe.

E.K. tried a number of times to bring the issue of granting
permission to the bus company up at meetings of the
Provincial Traffic Commission but each time E.K.'s
efforts were rebuffed on the grounds that there was no
need for another bus line.

E.K. was then appointed as the district chief of another
area. Nevertheless, the bus company owners wanted the
bribe they gave returned by textile firm owner G.D. and
E.K., with interest (!). Ultimately, the firm got 45,000 TL
back, based on the accumulated interest on the original
(but fruitless) 35,000 TL bribe.

Siirt Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime teams investigated
the situation over nine months and took three people into
custody for bribing public officials. The suspects were
subsequently incarcerated. As for E.K., if the Siirt Governor
gives his permission, E.K. will give a statement to the police.

Investment bribing in Siirt.

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