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Sleepy, Lucky Minibus Driver

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 November 2013)

Wake me when it's over.

In Sakarya, minibus driver O.G. (20) fell asleep at the
wheel on 10 October 2011 and hit bicyclist Murat Azak
on Sakarya Boulevard. But because Azak, who was injured
in the incident,  did not file a complaint against O.G. the case
was dropped. Three months later, though, O.G. hit pedestrian
Ismail Cengiz who was crossing Uluyol Boulevard on 7 January
2012.  Cengiz died at the hospital.

In the ensuing investigation, O.G. was found to be only partially
at fault, whereas (the late) Cengiz was held mostly responsible for
the accident. Nevertheless, a case was opened against O.G., with
the prosecutor asking for a sentence of 3 years 6 months for
"causing death by negligence."  As this case was proceeding, O.G.
hit a 5 year-old child who suddenly jumped out onto  Ataturk
Boulevard in the Cumhuriyet neighborhood.

But the child's family did not file a complaint against O.G. so this
case was dropped, too. Meanwhile, in the case of Ismail Cengiz's
death, the court ultimately ruled that O.G.'s guilt was minimal and
he was given a sentence of 1 year 8 months and his drivers license
was suspended for 3 months. In light of O.G.'s clean record and his
good behavior in court, the sentence was postponed.


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