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Scrooge 'Thanks' Last Honest Man

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 November 2013)

Scrooge giving gratitude a bad name.

In Simav district of  Kutahya province , retiree Ahmet Karadag
returned a bag full of money that he found on the road from the
mosque to its rightful owner. There were dollar, euro and TL
banknotes equal to 1 million TL (500,000 USD) in the bag.

Serafettin Sahin (41), a transporter (!), had reported the bag
missing and after Karadag turned it in to the police the
bag was returned to Sahin. In a show of gratitude, Sahin
gave Karadag 100 TL (50 USD!!) for his honesty.

Karadag (71) makes about 500 TL per month collecting plastic
and bottles. Nevertheless, he regretted accepting the 100 TL from
Sahin, explaining that "I didn't want to take the money but when
he insisted I did. I don't want money I didn't earn."

As for (the mysterious) Sahin, he disappeard after collecting his
money and is not answering his phone. Police have begun an
investigation into whether or not Sahin's money is clean or ill-
Simav district is in western Kutahya.

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