20 Kasım 2013 Çarşamba

Nursing a Grudge to Fruition

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 November 2013)

Small town massacre.

Tamo Arayici (36) lives in Basak village of Hekimhan district,
Malatya province. A year and a half ago, Arayici filed a complaint
against her neighbor Ali Kaya (45), accusing him of sexually
harassing her. When a number of other neighbors bore witness to
this accusation Kaya was arrested.

Kaya served more than a year in prison but was released two months
ago when Arayici retracted her complaint. Allegedly, Kaya had told
his cellmates "I'll go back" and the night before last he knocked on
the doors of Tamo Arayici and five neighbor witnesses.

When each person opened the door Kaya fired his pump-action rifle
into them. Those who didn't open their doors were fired on through
the window. Kaya fled as Murat Sarikaya (38) and Fadime Caliskan (55)
lay dead at the scene. Tamo Arayici was taken to Hekimhan State
Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Hikmet Arayici and Bessey
Arayici were wounded in the attack but are in good condition.

Kaya had nurtured his revenge against those he believed had put him
in prison. It was learned that he had argued with some neighbors the
day before yesterday, prior to his attack.
Hekimhan district is in northern Malatya.

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