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Aviation: Canine Stake-out; Wing as Trampoline

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 31 January 2016)

Goldens CNN story about Goldens exported from Istanbul.

Atatürk Havalimanı'nda "Şamata" nöbeti

Nail Artunç's 3 year-old Golden Retriever 'Şamata' disappeared
on 17 December 2015.  Fearing that the dog may be taken abroad,
Artunç, who lives in Buırsa, and his wife and daughter have taken
up a vigil at Atatürk Airport in İstanbul.

Artunç explained that three years ago he suffered a stroke but
recovered thanks to Şamata.  Artunç has printed a brochure about
Şamata and the search for the dog. He added that "I got word that
Şamata had been adopted by someone in Istanbul but I haven't
been able to reach this person."

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They must really love this dog (and pandas, too).

Artunç has heard, as well, that pedigree dogs like Şamata are being
taken abroad so he and his family are staking out Atatürk Airport
in hopes of sighting Şamata (!).


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Türkiye Newspaper, 2 February 2016)

old planes see previous reporting on this important subject.

Uçak kanadının tramplen olarak kullanılmaması için yeni çözüm
   Grown-ups always have to ruin a good thing...

The Turkish Air Force donated a retired 1947 model C-47 Dakota
transport plane to the Büyükçekmece municipality to increase the
public's love for aviation.  The plane has been used as a museam
by the municipality but youths have taken to using one of the plane's
wings as a trampoline to jump and dive into the sea.

Efforts were made to prevent the youths from climbing onto the
wing but all have been in vain.  Now, instead of moving the plane
away from the shore, the decision has been made to build a platform
under the wing that extends into the sea so no one can jump off the
wing anymore (well, they can but they'll land on concrete).  

Image result for büyükçekmece haritası
        Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul


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