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Underground City Found Underneath Shanties

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 February 2016)

derinkuyu TNT Editor-in-Chief toured this other underground
city last week while on assignment.

Kentsel dönüşüme niyet, yeraltı şehrine kısmet..
This is what emerged from underneath the razed shanties.

Turkey's Public Housing Administration (TOKİ) accidentally
discovered an ancient underground city in 2014 when it
undertook an urban renewal projet in the center of Nevşehir.
TOKİ razed 1,500 shanties on the slopes of the Nevşehir
Fortress and spent 90,000 TL doing it to initiate the project.

Image result for nevşehir kalesi yeraltı şehri
Brings back memories of childhood 'ant farms'.

However, after the shanties were razed, TOKİ encountered a
600,000 square meter historic underground city, the largest one
in the world.  TOKİ's chief M. Ergün Turan said that the urban
renewal project has been abandoned and TOKİ has absorbed the
90 million TL cost.

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      Submariners would feel right at home.

Turan noted that "there are 7 kilometers of tunnels in the
underground city. It is very important with regard  to the
Byzantine Orthodox faith and one of the largest churches
in the Cappadocia region is within the city.  Everything is
underground - there was no indication on the surface that there
was anything below."

It is estimated that the underground city dates as far back as
5,000 years.

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