6 Şubat 2016 Cumartesi

Urban Shepherd

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 February 2016)

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               Beats herding cats.

Bayram Kozat was a shepherd in his home province of Malatya
for 20 years.  Then he moved to Istanbul and, after retiring, he
decided to return to his old shepherding days, but this time by
"herding dogs."

Now Kozat walks dogs of different breeds along Istanbul's
busiest streets, drawing stares from locals and tourists alike. He
began his new career 4 years ago when he accepted a dog-walking
offer but the number of dogs has risen to nine.

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            No relation.

Kozat explained that the dogs listen to him just like his sheep used
to. He added that "I've returned to my shepherding days. The dogs'
owners are important people - businessmen, journalists, advertising
executives,  I take the dogs from their homes at 6 in the morning
and walk them until 0830. After a rest, I take them out again at 2
p.m. and bring them to their homes in the evening."

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Unlike sheep, though, he's got to scoop the poop.

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