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Indebtedness Edition

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 8 February 2016)

‘Arka koltuktan başlarına sıktım’
           Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

In Eyüp, Istanbul, security guard Ersin Baykot (27) was taken
into custody after throwing the bodies of two people he
had just killed from the car he was driving. Baykot explained that
"I had a debt and they were pressing me on it. As we were sitting
in the back seat of the car I shot them both in the head."

The bodies of Hakan Akmut and Emre Tanrıverdi were thrown
from the car the night before last on Karadeniz Avenue in the
Silahtarağa neighborhood.  Local citizens heard the shots and
alerted police, who later found Baykot in the car with the gun
he used after he had crashed the car.

In his statement given at the police station, Baykot related that
"Hakan Akmut and Emre Tanriverdi lent me some money. I had
trouble paying them back. Last night I got in their car and sat in
the back seat. They started pressing me about the debt and they
insulted me. I got mad, took out my gun and shot them both in
the head. Then I threw their bodies out of the car. I started
driving the car myself but panicked and crashed."

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               Eyüp district, Istanbul


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 9 February 2016)

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Took some tough punches, but she's still standing.

Turkey first heard about Emine Aslan (57) when she went to
prison for failing to pay debts she incurred while sending her
son to prep courses for university.  Then, while she was in prison
her son Soner committed suicide on 2 April 2010.

Despite repeated pleas to the prison warden, Aslan was not
allowed to attend her son's funeral (!).  The Fethiye National
Education Directorate took up the case, paid Aslan's outstanding
debt and she was released from prison 3 days after her son's

After getting out of jail, Aslan visited her son's grave but
had to struggle to make a living for herself. HaberTürk found
her recently selling simit (bagels) on the streets of Fethiye
for the municipality.  Her other son Samet has graduated from
university and is awaiting appointment as a 'kaymakam' (district

Aslan related that "after my son's tragic death many people
promised to help us but no one did. My children, my husband
and I had some tough times. Those university prep schools
will close (by order of President Erdoğan) so other mothers
won't have to suffer like I have. I invite the President to come
to my home in the slums and I'll offer him the simit I sell.
We're waiting for him in Fethiye."

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Fethiye is the southernmost district of Muğla province.


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