27 Şubat 2016 Cumartesi

Pictures That Tell Stories

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 February 2016)

Image result for azrail bekler gibiyim Çilem karabulut
T-shirt reads:"Dear Past, Thanks For All The  Lessons.
Dear Future, I am ready."   Battled-tested Çilem hanım.

In Adana, Çilem Karabulut (24), the mother of one child, killed
her husband Hasan (33) last year.  Çilem explained that "my
husband wanted to drag me into prostitution. I shot him with his
own gun."  Çilem was arrested and faces a life sentence.  At the
initial court hearing she said that "every day I was expecting death
because of my husband's violence."

The public prosecutor had this to say: "Hasan had a record of 19
crimes on the polic blotter and he was violent toward his wife. Nine
times Çilem obtained court orders to protect her from her husband.
On the day of the incident Çilem tried to protect herself.  The suspect's
 (Çilem's)  right of  self-defense should be discussed."

Image result for adana haritası
                          Adana province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 February 2016)

Ajandadaki hatanın faturası personele

Irmak, left, and Bayar (President 1950-1960!), right - upper right.
One must concede that the resemblance is uncanny...

The personnel responsible for putting a picture of former Turkish
President Celal Bayar, who served from 1950 to 1960, over the name
of the current Advisory Assembly Chairman Sadı Irmak in the 2016
edition of the Turkish Parliament agenda have been reprimanded.

Copies of the agenda are in circulation and a new printing will not be
made, although undistributed copies have been corrected. A total of
11,300 copies of the agenda were printed, at a cost of 68,440.79 TL.

Image result for tbmm
Always tough trying to control the agenda...

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