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Sex Therapist's Roosters Crowing to Excess

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 February 2016)

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Dr. Love giving 4-legged friends equal time.

Film director and contemporary artist Kutluğ Ataman has filed a
criminal complaint and opened a law suit against psychiatrist and
famous sex therapist Dr. Haydar Dümen because of the roosters,
chickens, geese and crows he and his wife are tending in a coop
in their garden across from Ataman's house in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

Cihangir'i karıştıran horoz
Let's not even think about what goes on here...

Ataman has asked for 100,000 TL in compensation, after
complaining to local authorities three times.  His complaint reads
as follows: "despite the fact that it is against the law to do this in
the middle of the city where thousands of people live, the Dümen
couple are increasing the number of animals each day. Since the
animals crow at inappropriate times during the night I can't get
any sleep so I can't do my job well, because it requires intense

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"Dr. Haydar, a bee stung my vagina. Am I still a virgin?"

Ataman's complaint continues: "the smell the animals create is
driving me crazy.  When I open my windows or go out on my
balcony it's not just the noise, it's the smell that's unbearable, too.
I'm getting therapy for my sleep deprivation."  The lawsuit also
mentions the possibility of bird flu or other contagious diseases,

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Director Ataman cast himself to star in "Sleepless in Beyoğlu".

As for Dr. Dümen, he responded as follows: "the animals and the
coop are well-cared for.  Chickens don't make any noise (!). The local
authorities decided there was no legal issue and said it's not a crime
to raise winged animals.  If he (Ataman) has discomfort and
sleeplessness and had told us we could have found a solution. In any
case, the chickens will be sent to Selimpaşa (to the west of Istanbul)."

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