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Lesson Learned (Not!): Once Burned, Twice Fried

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 February 2016)

Suriyeli kadın yine dolandırdı
Celebrating (prematurely) with Fatma in December. 

In Serinhisar district of Denizli province, Rıza Türkal has once
again fallen victim to his weakness for Syrian women.  First,
Türkal was introduced to a Syrian woman named Fatma by an
acquaintance, to whom Türkal paid 15,000 TL for the pleasure of
meeting Fatma.

Türkal and Fatma were married in an official ceremony on 12
December, but the next morning she drugged him into sleep and
took off with 20,000 TL worth of gold.  It turned out that Fatma
had used this method with other victims and she was caught in

first time see TNT report on Türkal's first brush with married life.

Last week, however, Türkal met another Syrian woman named
Riçat through a matchmaker, to whom he paid 1,500 TL.  Türkal
also had to pay 6,500 TL to the "woman's father" as a bride price.
This time Türkal married Riçat in a religious common-law ceremony.

Just like the time before, though, new bride Riçat tried to abscond
the next morning with the wedding gold.  Türkal was able to retrieve
the gold but he couldn't prevent Riçat's escape.  In the two failed
wedding attempts, Türkal lost more than 50,000 TL (about 16,000

Türkal explained his experience as follows: "I was cautious but
again I fell into the trap.  She lived in Iskenderun.  I told her about
what I'd been through before, warning her that 'if I'm fooled again
I'll be crushed.'   She swore she wouldn't do such a thing to me. In
order to get the money for the wedding I got help from my father
and my older brother. Since she didn't have a birth certificate, we
had a religious common-law wedding."

Continuing, Türkal lamented that "I saw that a message came to
my wife (!) from the matchmaker named 'Doctor'. The message read
'didn't I tell you to leave him and come back? Get back here quickly.'
I caught her trying to leave in the morning with the gold, which I
took back. There are 5 or 6 woman working for these people. They're
ruining peoples' lives by doing this."

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Serinhisar district is in central Denizli province.


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