10 Şubat 2016 Çarşamba

Flash! Ceauşescu's Buried in Samsun, Turkey!

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(Vatan Newspaper, 10 February 2016)

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It must be true. He posted it on Facebook.

Caner Yıldız, the district chief in Çarşamba district of Samsun
province, wrote the following on his Facebook page: "Did you know
that the graves of executed Romanian President Nicolae Ceaușescu
and his wife Elena Ceauşescu are in Çarşamba?"   The posting has
created quite a stir because those viewing the district chief's words
couldn't believe them.

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"Hey, it's a slow day at the office. Let's 'make' some news!"

Some who commented on the posting noted that DNA tests had 
proved that Ceauşecu and his wife are buried in Romania.  After
a slew of similar comments, Yıldız erased the posting from his page
and has this to say afterwards: "His name starts with 'Ç' and so 
does Çarşamba. Other than that, there's no connection (!).  In
other words, there are people who know about this. We have to
document it. These are important matters that are of interest to
Çarşamba, Turkey and others."

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Executed on a Wednesday. 'Çarşamba' means 'Wednesday'. 

It has been learned that the graves of Ceauşecu and his wife
in Romania were opened for DNA tests, at the request of their
family members, and it was confirmed that it is they who are 
buried there.  Nevertheless, there are claims that the bodies
were subsequently moved elsewhere.

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Çarşamba district is on Samsun's east Black Sea coast
(across the water from Romania, diagonally anyway.)

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