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Crimean Red-tape Tangles Sailor's Last Voyage

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 February 2016)

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                   Sail on Sailor...

beach boys Farewell to Sezer Bilin.

Sezer Bilin (42), the married father of one child, was a steward
working on the dry cargo ship 'Hatice' that took a load from Istanbul
to Crimea.  Bilin fell off the ship and died while it was docked at the
port of Kerch on 21 January.
Bilin's sister Yasemin Tülen received an SMS message from Bilin
that read 'We've arrived at Kerch. Cellphone reception is bad here.'
Tülen then got word from the ship's company that Bilin had perished
and has been trying ever since to bring her brother's body back to

However, Crimean authorities have told Tülen that an investigation
into Bilin's death is continuing. Tülen does not know where her
brother's body is and the Crimean authorities will not hand it over
to her. In the event that the situation is not resolved within 1 month,
then Bilin's body will be declared 'unclaimed' and it will be cremated.

The ashes of Bilin's body will then be given over to the church in
Crimea and buried in accordance with Christian beliefs.  Given that
only 10 days remain until the one month period will pass, Tülen,
who wants her Moslem brother to be buried as a Moslem, has asked
the Turkish government to intercede to bring Bilin's body back to

                          Where's Kerch?

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