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Crimesolvers Edition: 24 Years Later...

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 February 2016)

24 yıllık 3 cinayeti jandarma aydınlattı
    Three smitten guys and a very popular lady. 

In Izmir, careful work by the Gendarmerie has solved the puzzle
of three murders committed 24 years ago, just before the statute of
limitations ran out.  The reason for the murders turned out to be
an 'honor' issue and family tragedy.

On 29 February 1992, in the Çınarköy Çarıkdere location in
Kemalpaşa district, the burned body of Selma Ürker was found in
an automobile.  Selma's husband Ramazan Ürker was sought by
police as the killer.  However, shortly afterwards, Ramazan's dead
body was found in a stream.

Then, the body of Ramanzan's assistant, H.B. was found after he
had been stabbed to death.  The resulting investigation went nowhere
and the murders were declared 'faili meçhul' (muderer not found.)

But in 2011, one year before the case was expire, according to the
statute of limitations, a new phase in the investigation was opened.
A special team was formed by the Kemalpaşa District Gendarmerie
Command on 25 December 2015, resulting in the case being solved
The Gendarmerie discovered that Ramazan had found out about his
assistant H.B.'s relationship with his wife Selma and stabbed him to
death.  Ramazan then struck Selma with a blunt instrument and set
fire to her car with her dead body in it.

However, it turned out that Ramazan's brother M. Urker was also
having an affair with Selma (!).  Fearing that this relationship would
become known, M. Ürker killed Ramazan, the murderer of Selma
and H.B.  M. Ürker has been taken into custody and brought to jail.

Kemalpaşa district is in central Izmir province.

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