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Automotive Edition: Techno-Hackers & Vultures

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 April 2016)

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...and he's got a masters in computer programming.

In Istanbul, police stopped a car on the Fatih Sultan Bridge.
The car had fake plates and Ali K., one of the passengers, had phony
ID cards of a police chief and a TNIO (Turkish National Intelligence
Organızation) official, along with drivers licenses in the names of
various people.

Ali K., who stole the car in Başakşehir, Istanbul , turned out to be
a member of a "car hacker" gang, whose methods surprised even the
police.  The gang removes the fuel cap or the trunk lock with pliers
and have a key made.  This operation takes 3 minutes, after which
the thieves open the car door, contact the car's "computer brain" and
neutralize it with special software.

The car's digital brain is replaced with a new one, effectively defeating
the "immobilizer system" in the car.  The gang then starts the car with
the newly programmed key without any concerns and drive off.  Police
have determined that the gang has sold many cars with fake plates
using this method. The fake police chief and TNIO ID's were kept handy
to win the trust of any interlopers. Ali K. was jailed and two others
are being sought.

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       Car thieves bridge the techno gap.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 April 2016)

Kaza yapan aracı "taksit taksit" çaldılar
Yıldıray Dayanır mourns for his ravaged vehicle.

In Muratpaşa district of Antalya province, air conditioning
technician Yıldıray Dayanır brought his car in for repairs to
the Akdeniz Sanayi Sitesi garage.  The repairman explained
that fixing the car would cost 5,000 TL so Dayanır left his
car in front of the auto shop.

For some reason, the car was moved to the parking lot where
junk cars are placed in the garage area, allowing thieves to
take just about every part of Dayanır's car over the course of
a month.  Video images showed that the thieves began by
removing the right door of the car and proceeded from there
to strip the vehicle.

Dayanır lamented that the car he bought in 2005 for 20,000 TL
can not now be saved even at the cost of 25,000 TL.

      Muratpaşa district is part of Antalya city.

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