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Insect Edition: Bio-Ants & Czech Bug Lover

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 21 April 2016)

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Cedars are saved but what about picnickers??

Millions of red ants have been sent to their "duty fronts" by
the İsparta Regional Forestry Directorate for a biological
struggle against insects that are causing damage to cedar trees.

6 milyon karınca ‘görev’e taşındı
           Biological warfare. "To the front!"

Directorate teams climbed up to the 1,600 meter elevation of
Kapıdağ mountain in Senirkent district and put queen ants in
pre-placed nests. Team leader Nevzat Sicimli explained that
"this year we'll set up 20 new red ant nests, amounting to
about 6 million ants."

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Senirkent district is in northwestern Isparta province. 

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 21 April 2016)

Osmaniye'de böcek toplayan turiste 40 bin lira ceza

Onlookers in Dereobası village of Osmaniye noticed that T.T.
(38), a citizen of the Czech Republic, was taking photos of
plants and examining them so they reported this to the local

The Gendarmerie inspected T.T.'s backpack and found some
chemical material used to store insects, along with photos of
some insects of different varieties.  Additionally, found in
T.T.'s hotel room was a plastic container holding 69 dead
insects. T.T. was fined 40,913 TL (about 12,000 USD !).

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             Osmaniye province.

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