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Police-Gendarmerie Battle Over Flag in Maçka

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 April 2016)

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If this is all they've got to worry about in Maçka...

The office of the district chief in Maçka district of Trabzon
province, decided to plant the Turkish flag on the highest hill
in connection with 18 March Martyrs Week.  District Chief
Deniz Pişkin gave the job to Deputy Police Chief Engin A.

The commander of the district's Gendarmerie company, Lt.
Seyfettin G., did not participate in the flag-planting ceremony but
when it was over he went to the site, stopped Engin A.'s
car and demanded to know "what business does the police have at
a Gendarmerie location?"

In response, Engin A. said "we came for the flag-planting ceremony.
Can't you see that?"  That same night, Lt. Seyfettin G. phoned Engin
A. and threatened him, saying "if I see you at that spot again you'll
see what I'll do."  The next day on social media, Engin A. wrote:
"don't fret my glorious flag, you're visible from my spot. I'll break
the arms of anyone who tries to take you down. If necessary, I'll
come to the base of the flagpole."

Both the policeman and the Gendarmerie lieutenant filed complaints
about each other.  In consequence, the prosecutor filed charges against
both of them, asking for jail terms of from 3 months to two years,
plus a monetary fine.  If convicted, both will be expelled from their
professions.  The court has accepted the indictment.

           Where's Maçka? (hint: B)



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