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Parking Dispute Leaves Two Orphans

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 5 April 2016)

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Yes, but it's hard to believe...

In Adana, a parking lot quarrel between two neighbors ended in
a double murder. The incident occurred in the Toros neighborhood
of Çukurova district the night before last. Tekin Özmetin (35), who
owns a textile firm, wanted to take his car out of the apartment
house parking lot but was blocked by the car of neighbor Hasan U.
(54), with whom Özmetin had had previous problems.

When Özmetin couldn't move his car he went to Hasan U.'s 6th
floor flat and asked him to move his own car. Özmetin waited in
vain for Hasan U. to come down and then called the police.  At
this point Hasan U.'s older brother Sadık U. (59) began arguing
with Özmetin.  Hearing his brother's voice, Hasan U. grabbed his
gun and came down to Özmetin's flat on the 3rd floor.

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Parking and the sacred space: certainly worth martyrdom.

There, Hasan U. sprayed bullets at Öztekin and his wife Sinem (38),
killing them both.  Police took the U. brothers into custody and the
Özmetin's two daughters, aged 8 and 5, were left orphans as they
slept.  Özmetin's relatives, upon hearing of the deaths, gathered
at the front of the building and tried to enter but were rebuffed by
police using pepper spray.

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                           Adana province

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