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Mother-in-Law Killer's Family Vacation

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 24 April 2016)

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Not crazy about his mother-in-law, but otherwise a family guy.

Hüseyin E. (39), in Silivri prison in Istanbul for killing his mother
-in-law, went on a week's leave from jail (!) on 9 March and made
contact with his 16 year-old daughter, his nephew and 3 other minors.

The families of the minors contacted police when then learned that
their chilren were missing.  Istanbul police were able to determine
that Hüseyin E. and the children were in a hotel in Bodrum district
of Muğla province.  The Gendarmerie in Bodrum then conducted an
operation, taking Hüseyin E. into custody and returning the minors
to their families.

It turned out that Hüzeyin E. had persuaded the minors to take
20,000 TL worth of jewelry from their families.  Using the
children as camouflage, Hüzeyin E. was planning to leave the country
with a fake passport.  He claimed, however, to have taken the young
people to Bodrum for a vacation, explaining to police that "these kids
haven't had a vacation in years.  That's why I brought them to Bodrum.
After a week-10 day vacation I was going to take them to their homes
and turn myself in." (!)

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