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'Footloose' in Malatya

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 12 April 2016)

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Happy feet can only lead them down the path to hell!

N.T., the deputy principal and art teacher at the Gazi Anadolu
High School in the Yeşilyurt district of Malatya province, wrote
on his social media page under a photograph of teenagers folk

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                Can this be far behind??

"Unfortunately, they're having our youth do improper dances
in the name of folk dancing.  What father would want his 16-17
year-old daughter to have a boy hold her hand, look in her eyes,
touch her arms while dancing these improper dances? Would a
man who would commit murder for his honor give permission
for this? Mothers and fathers should read about the subject of
adultery/fornication in Islam."

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          N.T. rails against folk dancing.

Reacting to the incident, CHP (opposition Republican Peoples
Party) Deputy Chairman Veli Ağbaba had this to say: "Folk dancing
has been a tradition in Anatolia for thousands of years. Someone
who associates folk dancing with adultery/fornication is no different
than ISIS."  Malatya Provincial Education Director Ali Tatlı said
that an investigation has been started in relation to the incident.  

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Yeşilyurt district is in south central Malatya province.

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