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Russians Sink En Route to Madagascar

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 25 April 2016)

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Zodiac - maybe OK for an oligarch's yacht but to Madagascar?

Two ambitious Russian youths who set out from Moscow three
days ago en route to Madagascar (!) in a 6-meter long Zodiac boat,
ran into trouble in the Bosphorus near the Kuleli military school
(close to Çengelköy).  Their boat hit an object under the surface and
began taking on water. The current then dragged the boat toward Ahırkapı,
near Cankurtaran.

The Russians, engineer Alexander Panov (27) and market worker Artem
Kirakozov (35), planned to reach Madacascar in 20 days but after their
mishap in the Bosphorus they were fortunate to be saved by a rescue
team from the Young Maritimers and Solidarity Association at Ahırkapı.

    Ahırkapı/Cankurtaran, not shown, is along the coast at lower left.

After repairs were completed at Ahırkapı and the Russians had a bit of a
rest they set out in their Zodiac boat toward the Çanakkale Strait. After
that, their route will take them through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden,
into the Indian Ocean and ultimately (they hope) to Madacascar.

Kirakozov explained that the purpose of their journey is to show others
how to test their limits and come face to face with, and then conquer,
their fears. "We want to show regular people what the dangers are out in
the rest of the world."  

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