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Chinese Overhead Storage Bin Thieves

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 April 2016)

seethis for unrelated but equally unpleasant news about Chinese 
criminal activity.

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Didn't he promise to keep them safe all around the world?!

The evening before last two passengers on a Turkish Airlines
(THY) flight from Shanghai, a woman named Deng F. and a
man named Zou W.,began to rummage through carry-on baggage
in the overhead storage bin.  After Zou W. took money and other
valuables from the bags, Deng F. stuffed them into the pillows
left on seats for passengers.

One of the flight attendants noticed this activity and alerted her
colleagues, along with the pilot. The THY cabin crew then warned
the two Chinese passengers and kept them under close watch
until the plane landed at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. When the
aircraft entered Turkish air space the pilot alerted the control
tower and requested that police meet the plane.

As the THY flight landed at Atatürk at 05:10 A.M. the police
were on hand when the cabin door opened.  Deng F. and Zou W.
were taken into custody.

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