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Underwater Hockey: Turks Are World No. 2!

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 4 April 2016)

Image result for sualtı hokeyinde dünya ikinciliği
                 A fish's eyeview of the action.

Our (Turkish) National A-team has scored a success that will
long be talked about, at the Underwater Hockey World
Championship held in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The national
team took second place in the tournament, which is held in an
atmosphere 800 times (!) more intense than the air.

Our nationals prepared well for the world championship that
was held between 23 March and 2 April, winning five of six
matches and rising to the semi-final. In order to make the final
our team, which is one of the four best in the world, met England,
a country which has made great investments in pool sports.

Image result for sualtı hokeyinde dünya ikinciliği
         World Number Two Submariners.

With one minute to go in the match, Turkey had to continue with
only two players, because of some red cards.  Nevertheless, we
were able to score a goal againt England, which was defending
its goal with six players, and won the match 3-2.  In the final,
our team lost to Australia 3-0.

Coach Cem Ekşioğlu had this to say about the team's success:
"we are dedicating our world number two to our martyrs in
the battle against terrorism."  

Image result for stellenbosch map
   Where the heck is Stellenbosch?

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