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Grandma Nabs Gang of Hoodwinkers

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 April 2016)

Uyanık nine çeteyi yakalattı
You can fool some of the people some of the time...but NOT
Kocer Hindi!

In Mersin, grandmother Kocer Hindi (65) had a gang of crooks
arrested after they tied to fool her by saying "we're going to
conduct a terror operation."  Thanks to Hindi's tip, the three-
person gang, which had bilked victims in 4 separate cities in
the past 4 days, was captured red-handed.

A person claiming to be a police official called Hindi, who lives
in the 50th Year neighborhood, and said that a public prosecutor
was there, as well.  The callers claimed that money had been
withdrawn from Hindi's account and deposited in the account of
a terrorist organization.  The phony police told Hindi that she
should give all of her valuables to a person they would send to
her house, in connection with the supposed anti-terrorist operation.

Hindi played along with the callers, saying that she would give her
valuables to the plain-clothes policeman who would call at her
house.  Immediately after, though, Hindi called the real police
who came to her house to lay a trap for the gang.  A bit later,
gang member İsa Bulut came to the house, declaring that "the
public prosecutor sent me to collect the gold."

At this point, Bulut was arrested by the police laying in wait in
Hindi's house.  When questioned, Bulut told police that his
accomplices were a block away in a car. Soon afterwards, police
nabbed Mehmet Yaluğtekin and Songül Çalış as they sat in the

Interrogation of the suspects revealed that on 15 April they had
bilked Ali Kaya of 27,150 TL in Kozaklı district of Nevşehir,
deposited 13,000 taken from İrfan Aydin in Ereğli district of
Zonguldak and 5,000 TL from Fatma Toker in Mersin on 18
April.  Police are trying to learn about the 10,500 TL deposited
in İsa Bulut's account from Adana on 14 April.

Mersin Police Chief Rahmi Baştuğ noted that the police have
been warning Mersin's citizens about these sorts of bilking
techniques and that their efforts are bearing fruit, as reflected
by Kocer Hindi's reaction.

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               Mersin province


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