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Everybody Talks About the Weather...Putin Does Something

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 April 2016)

Putin, Moskova’da  bulutların da hakimi!
Grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face...

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin has ordered 1,300,000
USD to be spent on ensuring that the weather in Moscow is
clear for the May Day parade on 1 May.  According to a report
in the Moscow Tlmes newspaper, Russian authorities want 1
May to be a sunny and pleasant day and, in particular, they are
aiming for that evening to be cloud-free to accommodate the
fireworks display.

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Mark Twain finally has a fair-weather friend in Putin.*

Russian war planes will seed clouds with liquid nitrogen, grainy
carbon dioxide and a special cement mixture (!) in order to ensure
that the weather is clear. The plan is for the air operation to
dissipate the clouds over Moscow. However, the consequence is
likely to be heavy rain in villages and towns outside Moscow.

Last year on the 70 anniversary of Russia's victory over Nazi
Germany the same sort of 'sunny day' operation was conducted.
The technology that makes the operation possible is left over
from Soviet times and the Putin administration has used quite
a few times. In 2015, the total expenditure for cloud-control in
Russia was nearly 6.5 million USD.  

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     Sunny day, everything's A-OK...

* ed. note: Twain's authorship of the remark is the subject of
debate, with some people attributing it to his friend Charles
Dudley Warner.

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