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Mosquito Wisdom, Equally Distributed

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 April 2016)

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From centuries ago, mosquito wisdom...

Mehmet Görmez, Minister for Religious Affairs, noting that in the
U.S. it is forbidden to use pesticides against mosquitoes because
they disrupt the balance of nature, opined that "if only they had been
this sensitive while killing 1.5 million people in Iraq."

The Blessed Birth Week (for the Prophet Mohammed) ceremonies
organized by the Religious Affairs Ministry in İpsala district of
Edirne province,  drew 5,000 participants from Bulgaria, Greece,
Macedonia and Kosova, along with muftis and religious officials.

Diyanet İşleri Başkanı Görmezden ABD’ye sivrisinekli sitem
Minister Görmez, wondering what it's all about. 

In his remarks, Görmez related that while in the U.S. recently for
the opening of a mosque in Maryland, he was hounded by mosquitoes.
"I said 'isn't there any remedy for these mosquitoes?' and they told me
that 'it's forbidden to use pesticides against mosquitoes here.'  Then I
asked why and they told me that 'pesticides disrupt the balance of
nature.'  I sighed and wondered 'if only you'd been this sensitive about
killing 1.5 million people in Iraq.'"

Continuing, Görmez offered "an example from we Moslems.  Last
year Arafat (near Mecca) was full of mosquitoes.  Because we were
wearing 'ilham' (garment worn by pilgrims in Mecca) we couldn't
touch them.  They were feasting on us but we couldn't touch them. And
yet we learned that thousands of our brothers were crushed to death
while throwing stones at Satan.  Please God, save us from these
contradictions, have mercy on mankind."

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İpsala district is in southern Edirne province.

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