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20 Million USD Fine, Plus İnterest!

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 17 April 2016)

Kamuflaja 20 milyon dolarlık tazminat!

            Worth even more if you can actually read it.

In the course of the work turnover related to the retirement of
S.Ç. from the historic Yusufağa Library in Konya, it was discovered
that 103 hand-written manuscripts and 7 Arabic works had either been
lost or stolen and that the covers of 62 manuscript books had been

Image result for sadreddin konevi
       Sadrettin Konevi

In the resulting trial, a Konya court sentenced S. Ç to more than 5
years in jail for embezzlement.  Additionally, the Ministry of
Culture and Tourism filed suit against S.Ç. for damages and the
court ordered S.Ç. to pay 20 million USD (!) plus interest dating from
24 April 2000.

Image result for yusuf ağa kütüphanesi
      Yusufağa Library in Konya

Expert witness Dr. Ali Fuat Baysal said that the lost works were
from the library established by Sadreddin Konevi in 1275 A.D. and
that only thanks to microfilm were they able to identify them.  So
that the absence of the works would not be noticed, their places
were camouflaged with other books.  Dr. Baysal opined that the
works had been secreted abroad. Some have been returned but not

Image result for konya haritası
                         Konya province

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