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Father of the Bride

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 15 April 2016)

En mutlu günleri karakolda bitti
              Wedded bliss (after and before)

In Antalya, after their wedding a young couple beaten by the
bride's father, who demanded their wedding gold, spent their
first married night in the police station. Okay O. and Yağmur O.
met a year ago and were married in a ceremony at a hall in Kepez

A dispute erupted at the wedding between the groom's relatives
from Alanya and the bride's from Kayseri, over the music being
played.  After the wedding an argument arose over who would
be given the marriage gold and a fight broke out.  The bride's
father, A. K., allegedly beat the bride and groom, who were
taken to a hospital for treatment.  The couple filed a complaint
against A.K.

Bride Yağmur O. explained that "my father insisted that we have
musicians at the wedding so we gave in to that demand.  My
husband's uncle and his family had to leave the hall early so they
wanted to make sure they could do some dancing before leaving.
That's why a dispute erupted and they went after one another. The
fight overflowed out onto the street."

At the police station, where she filed a complaint against her
father A.K., Yağmur O. lamented that "no one should have a
father like him. This isn't the first incident and it won't be the
last.  I want him to be punished.  I'll get a protection order for
myself. Violence against women cannot be tolerated."

                       Antalya province

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