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Girl Students in Sweatsuits Foment Adultery

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 28 December 2017)

ercan harmancı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Harmancı, seated center,  keeping any female temptresses at bay.

Ercan Harmancı (44) is a philosophy teacher at the Ayşe Kemal İnanç
Girls Anatolia İmam Hatip (religious) High School in Selçuklu district
of Konya province.  Harmancı posted messages on his Twitter and
Facebook accounts accusing girl students who wear sweatsuits during
gym class of committing adultery (!). 

In one of his posts Harmancı said "either I have deviant feelings or the
devil doesn't care about them.  After seeing the curves of a young girl,
if Satan hasn't cooled you off then you've either lost your manhood or
your faith. The sweatsuits that the girl students wear make them look
naked.  These girls see the school and the class as their home and the
male teachers, whom the girls see as their uncles or older brothers,
don't see these girls as 'other women' but they provoke thoughts that
amount to adultery.  These are not just my thoughts, they are the order
of the Prophet Muhammed.  If there is a dressing room in a school
then this is degradation."

In another post Harmancı said "if a body is looking alluring to a
gym teacher this is essentially adultery.  These days these menstruating
girls are forced to take gym class so they are in effect being made to
commit adultery.  And their fathers don't care."

Konya education officials reacted with outrage to Harmancı's comments
and began an investigation on Monday.  Yesterday, the National Education
Ministry (MEB) relived Harmancı of his position.  MEB Deputy Chief
Yusuf Tekin stated that "we're very uncomfortable about this.  I'm
encouraging students to take gym class and music in school.  Someone
who espouses to be a defender of Plato's Ideal State needs to examine
himself first before lecturing others.  That is why these kinds of
perverted remarks make me uncomfortable."

   konya haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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