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Rolex Out, Sundial In

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 2 December 2017)

Güneş saati okulda tekrar canlandı
No plugs, cables or batteries needed. Works best on sunny days.

Before the invention of mechanical clocks, the only way to tell time
was with sundials, which were used 1,500 years ago and in Ottoman
times, as well.  Students at the Cihat Kora Anadolu High School in
Izmir have brought sundials back to life in the garden of their school
by researching the sundials in historical mosques.  TÜBİTAK (Turkey's
science organization) is involved in the effort, too.

The project's inspiration came from school principal Süleyman Yetişken:
"Our team worked long and hard to set up a sundial in our school's
garden.  In fact, the students came at night to follow the stars' movements.
Once they found the North Star the work began in earnest.  We've
invited students from our school and surrounding schools to come so
we can explain how the sundial works.  Student Sudenur Öktem said
that the project team examined theses on this subject written by students
in foreign universities.

camilerde güneş saatleri ile ilgili görsel sonucu
     Say a prayer for no clouds.

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