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High-Tension Stanchion Unwelcome Neighbor

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 20 December 2017)

yüksek gerilim apartmanı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The good side: heat and electricity seep in for free.

In Rize's Çayeli district, the high-tension electricity stanchion that
was left in place when two 7-story, 64-unit apartment buildings were
built on either side of it 15 years ago, is spewing electromagnetic
danger.  The stanchion is 40 meters high and 31,000 volts of electricity
pass through it. (!)

Last month lightening hit the stanchion, causing damage to vehicles
and shops in the area.  Neighborhood residents have signed a petition
to have the stanchion removed but so far in vain.  The chief of the
Eskipazar neighborhood, Muhammet Köse said that "children play
around this stanchion.  Tomorrow the damage will be worse. We
want this taken down right away."

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