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Wife Tempts Bachelor, Hubby Rapes Him

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 20 December 2017)
Karısının sevgilisine kadın kıyafeti giydirip tecavüz etti
Faces are blocked to protect you the viewer from seeing this 
ghastly trio.

Bachelor F.A. (34) lives in Hatay's İskenderun city and 4 years ago he
met married E.D. (27), who lives in Gaziantep, via social media.  For a
year F.A. and E.D. got together at various times but then went their
separate ways.  Three years later, though, F.A. and E.D. resumed contact
and E.D. invited F.A. to come to Gaziantep for a visit.

Upon arrival at the address in Gaziantep, F.A. was met by E.D.'s
husband B.D. and two of his friends.  From there, F.A. was bundled
into a car and taken to a remote spot where B.D. raped him.  Then,
B.D. and his friends dressed F.A. in women's underwear and took
pictures.  They also stole F.A.'s money and cellphone.

Subsequently, F.A. related his experience as follows: "E.D. invited
me to come to Gaziantep. I went to the address she gave me and she
told me to follow her somewhere else. We went to a dead-end street,
where there were two people with knives and a gun who forced me
into a car and took me to a remote spot.  E.D. was there, too.  Her
husband raped me and their friends took pictures.  Then they dressed
me in women's underwear and put the pictures out on my social
media account.  I returned to İskenderun, too ashamed to look anyone
in the eye."

F.A. said that he told his older sister and two of his friends about the
episode and he has filed a petition with the public prosecutor to have
E.D., B.D. and their friends punished.

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