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Relentless Turkish (Louis) C.K.

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 December 2017)

//ed.note: Today marks TNT's 7th anniversary. Years from now
anthropologists will doubtless refer to TNT in assessing Turkish
life in the 'teens'.  With this mission in mind, we press on...//

louis ck ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Turkish C.K., relaxing at his repair shop in Beşiktaş.

According to an indictment prepared by the Istanbul public prosecutor,
in Beşiktaş, E.M. (44), the mother of one child, brought her cellphone
to the repair shop of C.K (38) to have protective film mounted on the
phone's screen.  Later, though, noticing a flaw in the film, E.M. returned
to C.K. and asked him to mount new film onto her phone.

C.K. asked E.M. for the phone's password (!), went behind the counter
and returned 10 minutes later with the phone, handing it back to E.M.
Twenty days later, C.K. called E.M. and asked her to sleep with him.
Despite E.M.'s rejection, C.K. continued to call her and threatened
that "if you don't sleep with me I'll put your 'inappropriate' photos on
social media."

E.M. changed her phone number twice but each time C.K. learned
her new number (!) and continued to call her.  C.K. next sent E.M.'s
'inappropriate' photos to her husband and children via a fake Facebook
account.  E.M. filed a complaint with the prosecutor and C.K. was
arrested for the following crimes: "Continuously appropriating
images and sounds of one's private life and exposing same";
"Continuous blackmail and insulting"; and "Entering a communication
system illegally and remaining there". 

The prosecutor asked for a jail sentence of between 4.5 and 18 years
for C.K.  In the indictment, it was stated that C.K. had sent E.M.'s
'müstehcen' (pornographic/obscene)  images to the cellphones of more
than one person. 

louis ck ile ilgili görsel sonucu
American C.K. - the resemblance, in so many ways, is uncanny...

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