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A Mailman's Torture on the Big Screen

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(Sabah Newspaper, 26 April 2013)
Mailman turned screen star.

A mailman who lives in Kutahya has made a 27-minute
film about his profession to call attention to the hazards
of his work and to demand compensation for it. In the
film, dogs chase the mailman, he is beaten with a stick
by people he brings a court notice to, and a bucket of
water is poured on him from a balcony.

Mailman Nevzat Coban made an announcement to
journalists in front of the PTT Kutahya General
Directorate. He said that a local TV station helped
him shoot the film, the scenario for which he wrote
and starred in. Coban noted that being a mailman is
a tough job and in the film he tries to show this by
being chased by dogs, getting soaked by a bucket of
water from a balcony, having a brick fall on him
while searching for an address, getting shot in the
foot and beaten with a stick.

Coban asserted that the film will break the record for
views and he said that "walking in snow, rain and mud
isn't much like walking on a red carpet.I'm appealing
to the deputies who assign compensation for themselves.
For some of us retirement age is 60 and for those who
recently started work it's 65. Based on the law, the age
limit for mailmen is 55. Workers in our organization
who are 55 will have to stand in front of the retirement
door for 10 years. So where will these friends work
for those ten years?"

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow..."

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